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brand methodology
Disruptive / Inviting / Stimulating / Amusing / Passionate / Boring
Your brand can be many things, but without a clear intention it’s forgettable.
From creation to evolution or just a precise nudge in a more fruitful direction, investing in your brand can pay dividends. A branding agency can make you look good or trend well on social, but we’re here to infuse lasting value and meaning.
Defining vision, intention, core reason for being. Understanding market trends, competitive dynamics and relative positioning. Identifying and isolating relevant equities.
Leveraging key equities and learnings, strategy definition and distillation, optimizing positioning/differentiation, and brand promise identification and articulation.
Creation of on-brand naming, tagline and supporting language, visual and verbal brand I.P., resulting in engagement and alignment with target mindset, identification, and aspirations.
Call it a launch pad, start button, road map, or brand-in-a-box, we will provide the guide that says and shows the most optimized and relevant version of who you are. An indelible, compelling and inspiring brand platform for all your marketing and communication.
Levis Logo
Opening the door.
The brand suffered from an underdeveloped direct-to-consumer connection. The push was for a deeper brand dialogue - individualizing the experience, creating bespoke relevancy - allowing the consumer to do more than shop for a pair of jeans. New immersions included custom garment configuration, brand artwork creation, and global consumer cross communication - resulting in the ability to tailor the brand on an individual level, and strengthening the consumer relationship and brand loyalty.
Lexus Logo
Becoming more human.
Finding the soul of a company whose “pursuit of perfection” got in the way of making an emotional connection with the target consumer. The quest was to find and reveal the most organic equities, those behind and beyond the machine. This included revealing deep design passion, compiling relevant global equities, richer dealer brand experiences, creating a deeper and more committed customer bond.
Sega Logo
Creating some bite.
The company and its gaming, best know for a cute animated hedgehog, was being viewed as soft, easy, and juvenile. We pushed to sharpen the brand’s edge, making it more rebellious, intriguing and challenging, and allowing the consumer to (literally) grow along with the brand.
Taco Bell Logo
Empowering the people.
Brand irrelevancy and slow sales demanded defining a true point of difference and a clear unique positioning. The answer was to celebrate the consumer’s individuality, and zest for life, by leveraging an aspirational and ownable brand attribute. “Think Outside the Bun” became the new platform and rallying cry from which all following brand communications grew from, driving significant growth in both sales and customer loyalty.
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